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Motorcycle accidents are almost always serious, and often deadly. While operators can do some things to help minimize risk, the unfortunate truth is that some motorcycle accidents are unavoidable.

Though many factors may be involved in a motorcycle accident, motorcycles are sometimes less visible on the road. Despite many efforts throughout Pennsylvania to draw attention to the necessity for vehicle operators to watch out for motorcycles on the road, inattentive and careless drivers continue to cause devastating accidents.

A Lawyer And Motorcycle Enthusiast Working To Maximize Your Recovery

At the Law Offices of Eugene Gitman, we share in your passion for the open road. As an avid rider for many years, founding lawyer Eugene Gitman has seen close friends experience serious injuries and death after an accident involving their motorcycle. We are well-regarded in the Bucks County motorcycle community, and we take these kinds of accidents very personally. Though we hope for nothing more than to salute you as we pass each other on one of the many beautiful roads Bucks County has to offer, if you have been injured while on a motorcycle, let our understanding and respect of your passion for the open road translate into a compassionate and zealous representation for your legal rights.

At our Pennsylvania firm, Law Offices of Eugene Gitman, we are committed to learning the details of your accident. As a former accident investigator, attorney Gitman has more than a decade of experience unraveling the facts of many motorcycle accidents. By drawing on this experience, we are able to help our clients obtain the best possible results in each of their unique personal injury claims.

The lawyer you choose should be invested in your well-being and not just your pocket book. We are not afraid to take more complex personal injury cases because we believe that everyone deserves competent, professional legal representation.

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Due to high congestion and rapid population expansion, Bucks County is situated amongst many of Pennsylvania’s most heavily used roads, and unfortunately, this means that accidents are a common occurrence. Our office is located minutes from the Pennsylvania Turnpike, I-95, Route 1 and Roosevelt Boulevard. If you or a loved one has experienced an accident, it is imperative that you call a reputable lawyer who can help.

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