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Riding a motorcycle is an enjoyable way to get around town, and is a great method of transportation when you are hoping to enjoy good weather during the summer. However, it is no secret that motorcycles are very dangerous—much more so than automobiles—and those who either operate or ride a motorcycle are at greater risks of injury no matter how minor of an accident that they are involved in.

The team at The Law Offices of Eugene Gitman are experienced with representing clients for a variety of injuries and situations resulting from motorcycle accidents in Bucks County, and will be able to use this experience to fight for the money that you deserve if you have been injured on a motorcycle. We offer a free initial consultation for prospective clients who would like to learn more about how we will work with them, our past experiences with similar situations, and to get some advice about what they should be doing immediately after this major disruption to their life.

Read more below about motorcycle accidents and some general information about what to expect while working with our team, and contact us now to have a conversation with a legal professional about your specific situation, the injuries that you have sustained, the steps that you have already taken, and the most appropriate course of action to ensure that you are given the best protection available. 

Common Motorcycle Injuries

Motorcycle Accidents in Bucks County PA

While driving or riding on a motorcycle, it quickly becomes apparent why these vehicles put people at such a greater risk than those who are riding in an automobile. Without a frame around the passengers, most, if not all, of the impact of an accident is transferred directly to the rider, who will then experience a second impact as they are thrown from the motorcycle and hit the ground. For this reason, an accident at low speeds that would otherwise be a minor fender bender between two passenger vehicles can be catastrophic for someone on a motorcycle. 

Road Rash

Road rash is a serious type of abrasion that someone can get when they are thrown from a motorcycle and their body slides on pavement or dirt. It is important for motorcycle riders to wear proper protective clothing, such as leather jackets, heavy pants, gloves, boots, and a full-faced helmet in order to avoid or minimize the damage that they will suffer from this type of injury. Road rash can cause serious and permanent scarring and may require skin grafting if the abrasions are bad enough that the skin will not regenerate on its own.

Fractures and Broken Bones

Another very common injury sustained in a motorcycle accident is a broken bone or fracture. This could happen from the initial impact when another vehicle makes direct contact with either the motorcycle or the rider, or the secondary impact when the rider is thrown to the ground. Even at low speeds, a rider may be thrown from a motorcycle and put their arms or legs out at an awkward angle, hitting the ground and suffering a break. There are many different ways that these injuries can be sustained in a motorcycle accident.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Helmets are extremely important for motorcycle safety, even though Pennsylvania law does not mandate helmets for riders over the age of 21 with either 2 years of experience or has completed a Motorcycle safety course approved by PennDOT. Motorcycle accident lawyers work with many victims of traumatic brain injuries, and our team strongly recommends wearing a helmet at all times. Otherwise, you are at an increased risk of serious concussions, skull fractures, epidural or subdural hematomas, brain contusions, and many other serious, and sometimes life-threatening injuries to the brain. 

Calculating Damages for Motorcycle Accident Personal Injury Cases

Like all personal injury cases, motorcycle accident damages are calculated by first separating the damages into economic and non-economic categories. Economic damages are intended to seek compensation for actual financial losses and expenses resulting from the accident, such as all associated medical expenses, as well as lost wages due to missed work or a diminished earning capacity due to the injuries sustained. In some cases, this could even include long-term disability.

Non-economic damages are intended to compensate the victim for the impacts of their accident that do not have set dollar values appended to them, such as the actual pain and suffering that they have endured during the accident, as a result of their injuries, and during their recovery. They can also include things like fear, depression, emotional anguish, and other very real effects of an accident that do not come with a receipt or an invoice. 

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