PA Ride on Red Law

While many traffic lights require the detection of a vehicle by way of various methods, a single motorcycle often fails to trigger these methods, leaving the rider stranded in a precarious situation. While many solutions have been proposed, including placing magnets underneath the motorcycle, putting the kickstand down on the induction loop line and other approaches to try and trick the traffic light into changing, these often questionable and dubious methods are no longer necessary within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Since September 18, 2016 Pennsylvania amended its law to allow motorists (usually a motorcyclist) to proceed through a traffic light which fails to detect them, provided that they first asses the traffic light to be malfunctioning and may proceed through the malfunctioning traffic light safely and without any undue interruption to the ordinary flow of traffic and other traffic control devices that may be in effect at the location of the malfunctioning traffic light.

A traffic light must never be treated like a stop sign and this is especially true for motorcyclists. Every traffic control device conveys crucial information to the rider. It is our duty as riders to asses malfunctioning traffic control devices as hazards and treat them with the utmost caution they deserve. Always remember to check every direction before proceeding through a malfunctioning traffic light.

Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash