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As a holder of a commercial driver’s license, you are responsible for protecting your livelihood from damage that may be caused to your driving record from traffic tickets, automobile accidents, and other road-related mishaps. When the driver of a commercial vehicle is stopped, it may be part of a routine inspection of the commercial vehicle that often leads to administrative reporting, which can only be challenged by way of a DataQ Appeal to Harrisburg.

Furthermore, any CDL Moving Violation a driver receives may have a serious impact on commercial driver driving records. While a moving violation may not necessarily carry points, it will appear on a commercial driver’s FMSCA abstract and in other areas subject to employer scrutiny.

CDL Traffic Ticket Lawyer Serving The Greater Philadelphia Area

If you have been involved in any road-related incident in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, trust the knowledge and expertise of our CDL traffic violation lawyer to help guide you to the best possible outcome surrounding your situation. Contact a CDL Traffic Ticket Lawyer from the Law Offices of Eugene Gitman today for a free initial consultation at 215-660-4411.

CDL Traffic Ticket Lawyer Serving Philadelphia
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