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Did your frustrating day get worse because of a traffic ticket?

When you get in a hurry, you may feel like every traffic light is out to get you. On roads that have one intersection after another controlled by traffic lights, you may feel as if you stop at every single one some days, especially when running late. Still, no matter how many times a red light comes up, you have to stop.

If you do not stop at a red light or a stop sign, you could wind up with a traffic ticket if an officer sees your actions or a traffic camera snaps your picture. Of course, both humans and machines can make mistakes, so you do not have to resign yourself to paying a traffic ticket, especially if you believe you do not deserve it.

When could you get a ticket for failure to stop?

Though you may have the urge to blow through a red light or stop sign whenever you are in a hurry, you do not carry out such actions because you know how dangerous it can be. Certainly, you may have times where you are still in the intersection when the light turns red, or you come to a short stop at a stop sign while making sure the coast is clear before driving through the intersection. While you may not think these maneuvers are dangerous, you could still get ticketed.

When it comes to getting a ticket while still in the intersection as the light turns red, these citations may stem more from traffic cameras catching a picture of your car. However, a police officer could also pull you over for the same violation. Additionally, if an officer believes that you did not come to a complete stop at a stop sign or did not stop long enough, you could receive a ticket.

What can you do about a ticket?

Understandably, your frustrating day may only get worse if an officer pulls you over and tickets you for running a red light or stop sign. Luckily, you do not have to believe that you are stuck with the ticket and its consequences. Instead, you may want to consider your legal options for defending against a traffic ticket. It may seem over the top, but in reality, having a Pennsylvania attorney on your side during this time is wise.

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