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Not feeling well days after a Pennsylvania car accident?

If you were recently involved in a car accident, you have likely already replayed the incident repeatedly in your mind. Perhaps, not every single detail of the crash is clear, but you might remember a few things about the moments that led to the collision. For instance, you may recall exactly which road you were traveling on or what time of day it was when the accident occurred. 

You may also remember that you noticed a nearby driver texting behind the wheel or that you saw a car in the line of traffic headed in the opposite direction veering over the yellow line toward your vehicle. Maybe the last thing you remember is a sudden, tremendous force of impact from behind. After surviving such an event, you may have both visible and invisible injuries. The good news is that there are resources available to help you recover.  

How to know if you have an internal head injury 

The sudden impact of car crash often results in bruises, lacerations, broken bones and internal injuries. The problem with the latter is that they are not always immediately apparent. The following list includes signs that you may have suffered blunt force trauma to your brain:  

  • When you get up to walk to another room, you feel unsteady or dizzy on your feet. 
  • You are having trouble talking, meaning some of your words slur or you can't think of the correct word to use in a sentence. 
  • You feel nauseous or you have vomited in the hours or days following the crash.
  • You hear a ringing sound in your ears. 
  • Whether you are lying down, sitting or standing, you feel like the room around you is spinning.
  • You have a headache, either that comes and goes or persists. 
  • You suffered a seizure. 

Any of these issues may be symptoms of a head injury. When your accident occurred, you might have felt shaken and sore but, for the most part, okay. These symptoms can arise any time in the hours, days, sometimes even a week or more after a crash.  

What to do  

It is imperative that you seek immediate medical attention and let the doctors know that you were recently in a car accident. Beyond that, there are also legal steps you can take if you wish to seek compensation for the damages you have suffered because of another driver's negligence.

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