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Defensive driving may by your best bet for motorcycle safety

If you happen to be a motorcycle enthusiast who lives in Pennsylvania, you likely share the company of hundreds (if not thousands) of others throughout the state. The rolling hills and pastoral beauty this state are known for creating scenic backdrops that are pleasing to the eye for highway travel. Just as with all motor vehicles, however, you're at risk for collision on a motorcycle, especially if there's a distracted driver or other negligent motorist in your vicinity.

As you may have already noticed, the beautiful roads in Pennsylvania also often include steep grades and blind bends, which make for highly dangerous conditions at times. If you study safety habits ahead of time and make them your own, your chances of safely reaching your destination may increase. If a collision occurs and you suffer injury, it's also good to know how to quickly access support.

Safety tips to keep in mind on a motorcycle

It's always best to keep two hands firmly on your handlebars when riding. The following list provides additional tips that may help you avoid an accident:

  • Always try to leave enough space around you on a motorcycle so you can make unexpected, necessary maneuvers to avoid collisions. If you're traveling too close to another vehicle, you may not be able to change location within a lane or hit your brakes when needed.
  • The dangers of texting while driving a car are widely known. Using an electronic device (or even holding or looking at one someone else is holding) while on a motorcycle is definitely a recipe for disaster.
  • Even gazing at the beautiful scenery mentioned earlier may pose a problem if it takes your primary focus away from the road. It's always best to keep your eyes and your mind on the task at hand (driving) to help you avoid a crash.
  • Just because you can pick up speed in no time at all or dart from lane to lane does not mean you should. Erratic driving or disobeying posted speed limits or other traffic regulations places you and those who share the road at risk or injury.

Staying alert and cautious when operating a motorcycle (or any vehicle) are key factors to keeping you and your passengers safe. You also have to take into account that there's not much you can do about another motorist's actions behind the wheel. Even if you drive defensively and courteously, negligence on another person's part may result in your injury if a collision occurs.

How to recover your losses

In the aftermath of a motorcycle accident, you will no doubt have to rely on others for help, from the first responders at the scene to doctors and nurses who may provide emergency medical attention at a nearby hospital. Many Pennsylvania accident victims also turn to experienced personal injury attorneys to help them pursue justice against those who caused their injuries.

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