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Medical problems and other issues you might face after collision

You may have noticed an increased amount of traffic on Pennsylvania roadways during the holiday season. This is typical in most states, as many people travel to and from parties, to go shopping and running various errands related to their family celebrations and festivities. From Thanksgiving through New Year's, you can expect traffic delays, busy roads and, at times, great risk for personal injury when negligent or reckless drivers are in your vicinity.

An otherwise uneventful trip to a local mall can turn disastrous if another driver is looking down at a cell phone instead of the road ahead and crashes into your car. No matter how safe and cautious a driver you are, another person's negligence can place you in harm's way. The aftermath of a car accident can be quite stressful, especially if you suffer one or more injuries. A strong support system can be a key factor in your recovery.

Not feeling well days after a Pennsylvania car accident?

If you were recently involved in a car accident, you have likely already replayed the incident repeatedly in your mind. Perhaps, not every single detail of the crash is clear, but you might remember a few things about the moments that led to the collision. For instance, you may recall exactly which road you were traveling on or what time of day it was when the accident occurred. 

You may also remember that you noticed a nearby driver texting behind the wheel or that you saw a car in the line of traffic headed in the opposite direction veering over the yellow line toward your vehicle. Maybe the last thing you remember is a sudden, tremendous force of impact from behind. After surviving such an event, you may have both visible and invisible injuries. The good news is that there are resources available to help you recover.  

Enhanced penalties for violations in road construction zones

With summer in full swing, you may already have forgotten about the long winter just past. However, the roads and highways have not forgotten. The many chemicals and heavy snow-moving equipment helps to break down the surfaces of roads already worn by normal car and truck traffic.

Now that the weather is warmer, you have likely already encountered many road construction projects across the state of Pennsylvania. While workers resurface the roads to make your commute smoother, they also take their lives in their hands every day amid the commuters. Because of this, the penalties for certain traffic violations are even more severe in a work zone.

Distracted driving continues to threaten Pennsylvania drivers

In Pennsylvania, like in other states, distracted driving continues to be a threat to the safety of every person on the road. Distraction is a widespread issue that can lead to an increased chance of a car accident, and despite awareness campaigns and laws, people still engage in this dangerous behavior. 

Over the last few years, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of distracted driving citations in Pennsylvania. There is a startling number of drivers who are not paying attention to driving safely, and sadly, innocent motorists may pay the price for this irresponsible and dangerous behavior. 

Defensive driving may by your best bet for motorcycle safety

If you happen to be a motorcycle enthusiast who lives in Pennsylvania, you likely share the company of hundreds (if not thousands) of others throughout the state. The rolling hills and pastoral beauty this state are known for creating scenic backdrops that are pleasing to the eye for highway travel. Just as with all motor vehicles, however, you're at risk for collision on a motorcycle, especially if there's a distracted driver or other negligent motorist in your vicinity.

As you may have already noticed, the beautiful roads in Pennsylvania also often include steep grades and blind bends, which make for highly dangerous conditions at times. If you study safety habits ahead of time and make them your own, your chances of safely reaching your destination may increase. If a collision occurs and you suffer injury, it's also good to know how to quickly access support.

Navigating the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident can be a stressful and daunting experience. While you may choose to follow Pennsylvania traffic laws to the letter in hopes of avoiding such an incident entirely; unfortunately, you can't always rely on others to do the same.

Even the safest of motorists can find it challenging to avoid a collision when encountering a negligent driver. Following an accident, you could be feeling somewhat shaken up or disoriented, and perhaps uncertain of the next steps to take.

It's my first DUI in Pennsylvania. Should I be worried?

Criminal charges of any kind are serious, regardless of whether or not it's a misdemeanor or felony offense. Any criminal charges are a threat to your future and your interests, and you would be wise to take the appropriate steps to defend yourself, no matter what you are up against.

This is true for DUI charges, even if it is your first offense. If convicted, you could face a myriad of penalties that will affect your finances, your freedom and more. It is possible to fight these charges, and with the right support, you may be able to mitigate potential penalties or even challenge the case against you.

Can a DUI conviction raise your auto insurance 400 percent?

Your mouth may have dropped open when you read that title; however, not only can you expect a substantial auto insurance increase if police charge you with DUI and a Pennsylvania court hands down a conviction, but you will likely face thousands of dollars of other expenses, fees and penalties as well. In fact, if convicted for drunk driving, it may have long-term negative effects on your private and professional life.

After reading that, it's likely that the last thing you want to do is face DUI charges in court. The problem is that, even when you set out to enjoy your free time and make responsible choices regarding alcohol consumption and getting behind the wheel of a car, sometimes things happen when you least expect them to, and before you know it, your uneventful ride home may turn into a living nightmare.

Injured in a motorcycle crash? Stop spinning your wheels

While driving your motorcycle, you feel that life couldn't be better. The air in your hair and the sunshine on your skin make you feel as though you don't have a care in the world. But things quickly take a turn for the worse when a car collides with your motorcycle out of nowhere.

A motorcycle accident in Pennsylvania can quickly lead to serious injuries. Unfortunately, in addition to resulting in physical injuries, the motorcycle crash can lead to emotional scars and financial troubles as well. A few tips can help you to protect yourself legally immediately after this type of car accident.

Use your head: Understand motorcycle helmet laws and legal claims

Out on the open road, you may feel a sense of freedom that can only come from riding a motorcycle. Whether you ride with friends or on your own, you undoubtedly find the activity one of immense enjoyment while also allowing you to get to your desired destinations. Of course, you also want to get to your destinations safely, and unfortunately, motorcyclists often face a higher risk of injury when involved in an accident.

Helmets can sometimes play a role in the severity of injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident. However, Pennsylvania state law does not require all motorcyclists to wear helmets. If you have surpassed the age of 21 and have riding experience of at least two years or completed an approved motorcycle safety course, you do not have to wear protective headgear. Of course, if you suffer injuries in an accident, you may wonder how a lack of helmet could impact your potential compensation.


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