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Distracted Driving Is The Primary Cause Of Car Accidents

In the United States, Distracted Driving is the primary cause of car accidents, with cell phone use being one of the most common distractions drivers face. Whether they are sending a text message, answering a phone conversation, reading through social media, or viewing a video, they put other drivers at risk by diverting their attention […]

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Issues Motorcyclists Face on the Roads

As a motorcycle enthusiast, you likely enjoy the thrill of riding down the road, feeling less encumbered than if you were inside a passenger vehicle. However, that greater sense of freedom comes with an increased risk of suffering a serious injury if you are involved in an accident. A personal injury lawyer can assist you in […]

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Understand Motorcycle Helmet Laws & Legal Claims

Out on the open road, you may feel a sense of freedom that can only come from riding a Motorcycle. Whether you ride with friends or on your own, you will undoubtedly find the activity one of immense enjoyment while also allowing you to get to your desired destinations. Of course, you also want to […]

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