Car Accidents

Syed Z. - After my car accident, Eugene Gitman was recommended to me by one of my friends who was also a former attorney. Eugene Gitman and his staff kept me well informed of my claim and took care of all of the details and paperwork while I was going through the rehabilitation process. They even found pictures of the accident that I didn't know were being taken and used them to resolve the insurance company's claim that I was at fault for the accident. I don't know how they did it, but if it wasn't for their diligent investigation, not only would I not have been compensated for my injuries, but my insurance premiums would have gone up. The whole experience ended with a $40,000.00 settlement, I didn't have to go to court and all of my medical bills were paid.

Bela R. - Eugene Gitman was recommended to me by a friend. Glad I followed the recommendation. Three other attorneys turned away my case because I had previous accidents or because they weren't sure that they could prove that the accident wasn't my fault. Eugene Gitman proved it. I was compensated for my injuries and all of my medical bills were paid.

Megan Y. - I was in so much pain. There were people all around me and all I could think was that I would never walk again. Attorneys came to visit me in the hospital. They all asked me if I remembered what happened, but I couldn't. I was in shock. The police department apparently didn't think to look for any witnesses and the other drivers sure weren't eager to come forward with the truth. I don't know how Eugene Gitman did it, but he get to the bottom of it, fast. I used the money I received to help my husband take care of those things I couldn't while I was still recovering. I could not be more grateful for the service that Eugene Gitman provided. I highly recommend him.

Gabe M. - I am a cab driver. On my way back to the station, another driver cut into my lane and hit me head on. Eugene Gitman came to see me in the hospital. Several other cab drivers said that he represented them and did a good job. I didn't know how to pick an attorney, so I followed my friends' recommendations. It didn't take long for me to become impressed. Eugene Gitman personally went to the scene of my accident, interviewed witnesses, got photographs and even found a camera on top of one of the buildings near the accident that recorded everything and was used to prove what happened and that it wasn't my fault. I can't believe how fast he worked. In two months I had money in my hands for my injuries, medical bills and my totaled car. I recommend him and have no doubt that if he takes a case, he will do all that can be done to get you the best recovery as soon as possible.

Li R. - I couldn't believe it. Every attorney I turned to, turned me away because there wasn't a lot of damage on my car and I had limited tort. They said at best that it was a $1000.00 case and it wasn't worth their time. I tried to explain to them that even though there was a small dent on my rear bumper, it felt like a huge impact and I was very badly in pain. One of the attorneys that turned me away, recommended Eugene Gitman. Eugene Gitman met me at the body shop where my car was being fixed. It took him all of two minutes to figure out that the smell dent on my bumper was actually in the exact place where my bumper met an exposed part of my vehicle's frame. While most of the bumper had foam, the point where the other vehicle hit mine had no foam, and just a piece of metal, that was bent inward. According to Eugene Gitman, this meant that all of the force from the collision went into the frame of the vehicle and that this explained why I felt like the impact was so huge and why I was in so much pain. Eugene Gitman didn't hesitate to take my case. The result was well worth my time and his.

Traffic Tickets

Steven Z. - 5 points and my license was going to be suspended. Hired Eugene Gitman. The charge was dropped.

David V. - Hired Eugene Gitman. No points and very reasonable price.

Anatoly S. - Hired Eugene Gitman to appeal my speeding ticket conviction after the judge found me guilty and I received 4 points. Eugene Gitman got the charges dropped on appeal.

Summani S. - I am a cab driver. Everyone I know in my business recommends Eugene Gitman. I hired him for a speeding ticket. No points.

Troy R. - I am a commercial truck driver from Florida. I got a $7000.00 ticket because I allegedly crossed a bridge with an overweight load. I knew I wasn't overweight. Eugene Gitman proved that the scale used by the State Trooper to weigh my truck was not properly calibrated. What I paid Eugene Gitman for his quality service was a small fraction of what I would have paid had I been found guilty.

Roman P. - I never received a ticket before in my life. I was accused of running a red light. Eugene Gitman got the charge dismissed.

Inga P. - My registration was suspended because my insurance company made a mistake and notified PennDot that I had not paid my premiums. Eugene Gitman appealed the suspension and proved the mistake was not my fault. I got to keep my registration.

Attorney and Local Business Recommendations

Emanuel Kosacci, Esquire - I refer all of my personal injury clients to Eugene Gitman because he is very responsive to his clients and works very hard to get the best possible results. I highly recommend Eugene Gitman.

Vlad Tinovsky, Esquire - Eugene Gitman is detail oriented and responsive to his clients' needs. I highly recommend Eugene Gitman.

Gary Schafkopf, Esquire - I have referred many personal injury cases to Eugene Gitman and have been very pleased. I highly recommend Eugene Gitman.

Bucks Collision Services - We are a full service auto body repair facility in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. When our customers ask who we would recommend to represent them in a motor vehicle accident case, we always send them to Eugene Gitman because we know that he will take excellent care of our clients' important legal matters. We highly recommend Eugene Gitman.