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High risk factors for motorcycle accidents in Pennsylvania

Top risk factors for motorcyclists

Acting with caution and adherence to all traffic regulations helps motorcyclists (and all other drivers, for that matter) maintain safety on the roads. Below are some of the most common danger factors for those who ride motorcycles:

  • Inclement weather: When driving a motorcycle, you are obviously much more exposed to the elements. Rain, fog or snow can cause poor visibility. Slippery roads reduce traction and may pose stopping difficulties. Other drivers may not be skilled or focused enough to avoid collisions when road conditions are poor.
  • Not being seen: Even though you may be doing everything possible to stay visible to other motorists, a driver who fails to check his or her mirrors, or is otherwise distracted behind the wheel, may not realize you are nearby.
  • Erratic movements by other drivers: Some of the biggest risk factors you face on a motorcycle are unlawful lane changes or other erratic movements from vehicles in the vicinity, which can happen so suddenly you are left without enough time to safely react.

These risk factors are often found to have been the causal factors in serious motorcycle accidents. By learning more about such dangers and how to react appropriately when sharing the roadway with other drivers, you may be able to avoid a tragedy.

Sadly, many motorcyclists who have done all they can to protect themselves have suffered severe injuries when struck by motorists who were negligent. As in all other types of personal injury situations, if you are injured in a motorcycle accident where another driver has been deemed responsible, you can seek monetary recovery for your losses by filing a legal claim in a civil court. This, of course, also applies to any motorcycle passenger who may have suffered injury in a crash.

Things to keep in mind when considering filing a personal injury claim

  • Details are important: Although a high degree of emotional trauma may be associated with remembering your accident, documenting the events in as much detail as possible is often beneficial toward a successful claim.
  • Some damages go beyond bodily harm: When seeking compensation for damages, you are often able to include emotional suffering, medical bills, loss of wages and other related expenses.
  • Outcomes often hinge upon aggressive litigation: Many times, obtaining the maximum amount of compensation allowed by law in a particular situation is more easily achieved alongside aggressive representation from a personal injury attorney.

Motorcycle accidents will undoubtedly continue to occur on Pennylvania roads and others throughout the nation. If you or your family has been adversely affected by injury in a motorcycle collision, you can discuss the situation with an experienced attorney. He or she will explore all available options to help you seek full recovery for your personal lo 

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